Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer medical plans?

Yes we offer both individual plans and plans for groups.

What kind of Senior Health Care Plans do you offer?

We offer both Senior Health Care supplement plans and Senior Health Care Advantage plans.

Do you offer Part D prescription plans for seniors?

Yes we offer stand alone prescription plans and prescription plans embedded into Senior Health Care advantage plans. Part D plans are very affordable and can be bought for as little as $15.00 per month.

Is the Ohio Laborers Voluntary Dental plan still available?

Yes check our website for information.

Do you offer group medical plans?

We offer plans for groups of 2 lives and up.

Does your agency offer final expense coverage?

We are contracted with a number of insurance carriers in this line of business.

Are your life insurance plans affordable?

We offer many of the low cost term life companies and a free term life comparison for your review.

Do you offer Group Senior Health Care plans?

Yes we offer both Group Senior Health Care Supplement plans and Group Senior Health Care Advantage plans from the top insurance carriers in the business. This is our specialty.

Do you offer dental plans?

We offer both group dental plans and individual dental plans. Check out our website for individual plan rates.

Are Senior dental plans available?

Yes check out our website for benefits and rates.

Does your agency do Voluntary benefits for groups?

We are contracted with AFLAC one of the best carriers in the country. AFLAC has a large variety of voluntary insurance plans and tax credit plans for hiring new employees.

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